Quantum iNfinity App

Quantum iNfinity App

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Analyze Your Wellness Using Popular Energetic Modalities

The Quantum iNfinity device is an App you can use with your Smartphone or any Apple Devices. It has been designed to help identify the specific stresses in your body that could be affecting your health. To better help you understand the data, the software converts the raw data measurements and display them using popular energetic modalities like Body Organs & Systems, Sensitivities (allergies), Toxicity, Risks, Spinal Energy Flow, Chinese Medicine (meridians), Spiritual Protection and more! The information is used to help you develop a personal training program designed to manage your stress energetically…and it does it in all in MINUTES. There is even an embedded training manual in the App.

Analyze: The Quantum iNfinity analyzes the human body based upon their unique voice imprint Balance: The Quantum iNfinity balances the body using audible sound tones and electromagteic frequencies Compare: The Quantum iNfinity compares the success of the balancing session against the optimal and provides you with a percentage success of the therapy. Click on the link or picture to view a video, find out more or to purchase your own software.

Discover more about this portable biofeedback system in an App here.

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Disclaimer: The Quantum iNfinity do not diagnose nor does it treat. Only a licensed physician may diagnose a patient.