Real Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat: Med-11x16in

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Click here to see 108 Uses for Real Earth Therapy Mats

The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients!

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Real Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat

Click here to see 108 Uses for Real Earth Therapy Mats

1. Send over 1 million Rays of Healthy Balanced Energy per second to your food, water bodies ect (piezo) Your body can do amazing things when it has the energy or Fuel to work with. Its bio available energy which means your body knows how to utilize it.

2. It breathes! Its NOT just about grounding.
The Earth Mats are constantly feeding new energy IN and pulling Non beneficial energy out, just like the earth naturally does and how we breath in and out. This will not work on a voltage tester as it is literally CREATING its own ENERGY.

3. Raises Vibrations– A scientific fact, High and Low Vibrations can not coexsist. Low vibrations include, disease, non beneficial germs, pain, depression, ants, parasites. Common sense would say its a very good idea to raise vibrations.

4. IMPRINTS NATURE The infrared rays are passing through the nature ingredients of the mat, Essential Oils, Gemstones, Flower Essencese and more. These rays can pick up on all the brilliance of Nature, helping to bring a constant imprint of these nature ingredients to everything it comes in contact with. The exact same way a computer imprints a movie on to a DVD!

5. Balance! Everything was once Natural and Balanced. When its balanced its harmonious and sustainable. its only when its out of balance that it becomes destructive. The Earth Mats can help imprint the phi ratio or golden measurement ratio of 8 Feminine (-) Electron and 5 Masuline (-) Proton. To everything it comes in contact with REMINDING IT OF ITS NATURAL AND HARMONIOUS BALANCE.

6. Reminds our Cells. When something is in its 8- 5 phi balance it creates a special zero point energy. which is intelligent LIFE ENERGY. Example: A pine cone as 8 swirls UP and 5 swirls down. Where ever they cross or come together a SEED or LIFE is created. Same with the polarities of our cells. When they are reminded of their correct polarity ratio balance they can start to create energy from within. Imagine all the trillions of our cells GERNERATING THEIR OWN ENERGY? How much more of our health and abilities would we activate? YEAH! Super Humans who would not need synthetic technology.

The Double Stuff Formula contains double the stones, Flower Essences, essential oils and Liquid Crystal, making the Earth Mat material extra potent with the yummy earth ingredients!

Puffy Crystals amplify the conductivity and strength of the Earth Mat material. By adding this formula, it creates tiny bridges for the energy to move through the base of our Earth Mat material. Testing showed by adding this ingredient, the Earth Mat material is several times stronger energetically and now works out both sides.

Zeolite is known to amplify Black Tourmaline’s awesome abilities by 40x and is known for detoxing the body of heavy metals and mycotoxins, balancing pH, trap/remove pre-viral components, balance immune system, is a potent antioxidant and has been said to aid in the prevention of major health challenges.
Super Shrunk aids in compressing the tiny quartz spheres to amply the piezo electricity!

These mats are all handmade with care, we grind over fourteen gemstones, (we use already small stones) use the finest of oils and flower essences while blending all this with our precious Liquid Crystal Formula. We create these in cookie sheets in our kitchen. They are laborious, timely and the materials that go into them make them costly to produce, yet we bring them to you as affordably as we possibly can, enjoy 🙂 The energy in your mats is ongoing and will last you for many years. (except if microwaved)

There is so much to say about the fascinating new breakthroughs of being grounded. Please feel free to read the info below, or scan through plucking tidbits that interest you.

While in our natural state, we would be sitting with the base of our tail bone on the earth, our spine carrying this amazing Vibrational energy to our brain, this is how we are designed to plug in and turn on our brains.

I had an experience that gave me another ah ha! I have A.D.D and my mind wonders in seminars. I was attending a very complicated course, I took my mat and when I would sit on it I could follow what was being taught but when I took it out of my chair I would be lost again. Then I figured out in nature when we would want to do brain work we would sit down with our tail bones on the earth, plugging us in to the Earth energy which would travel up our spinal fluid to our brains. THUS turning on our minds. NATURE IS PERFECT! I excitedly told my ADD son this and suggested he take it to school. He quickly informed me that would not look very ‘cool’ for a teenager to have a purple chair mat. So he started to put the purple squishy squares in his back pockets and reported it did indeed help him with learning. He is usually a C and D’s guy and he just brought home a report card of mostly B+’s Some days he wears his earth squishy’s some days he wears his clarity bracelet.

Did you know home and building are grounded? This is part of the electrical system. Look at your plug in sockets..see the round hole below the two vertical slots,..that is the grounding connection..there is literally a wire that runs down into the earth. The reason for this is to allow the excess energy to be drained off. If a house is not grounded the electricity will back up, get all chaotic and start to short circuit. Well guess what? We are electrical beings as well. We are designed to be grounded so the excess energy can be released from our system. Un-grounded this starts to back up and we become what I call Curwackity! No wonder there is so much toxic unrest in the human body.

More on being grounded…. Think about when you put magnets together.. in one direction it pulls and in the other it repels. The earth is a magnetic energy and when we plug into her she gently helps us release excess energies and toxins. This would make sense on what I have learned from the new reports on the studies of being grounded. I was listening to a video on YouTube of a scientific report showing how grounding effected levels of pain, inflammation, arthritis, cortisol levels, hormones and many more things. The part that I thought was funny was that even our teeth are affected. When the body was not grounded the tartar stuck to the teeth, when it was grounded it released! This makes me wonder about other things like plaque and other toxic build ups. I think over time there will be more breakthroughs and scientific data pouring in on how getting back to living in sync with nature is our bodies best solution to natural health, vitality and mental clarity. Mama earth is waiting with open arms for us to return to her comfort and natural care.

The VibesUP Earth Nurtured grounding material is in the mats, Divine Soles, Divine Eye Masks and Teddy Bears (now available for IPod, IPhone EMF neutralizing) This material, just like mamma earth tends to pull out toxins and give good energy back to the body. We did not realize how powerfully effective it was until several ladies told us the Divine Mask was pulling out and fading the ink from their permanent eye make-up so we decided to add a notice to this product. The great news is if it is pulling out the toxic ink..what else is it pulling out.

We have been taught our emotions are bad and we do not naturally allow ourselves to feel or acknowledge emotions along the way in life. We often stuff them into our bodies were they tend to express themselves by attracting more of the same negative situations that would bring more of those same emotions. Like attracts like, the stuck negative emotions are sending out signals attracting more of the same back to us like a stubbed toe sends out stubbed toe energy and you keep re-stubbing it. These stuck toxic emotions can even surface in the form of disease and in fact often do. These energies vibrate low and when you bring in a powerful high vibration it can work like a vibrational car wash. You will notice the grounded earth energy can also help you release these old stuck energies. I suggest the teddy bears in this area, for the child or the inner child, I sleep with mine every night. My suggestion is as new feelings come along..just acknowledge them and they will transform rather than pushing them into your body. Its okay to feel, sad, mad, angry ect. If you allow these feelings in a healthy natural way they will process quickly and you can return to joy if and when you so choose.

A mud wrap without the mess? Scientific Studies have shown that grounding reduces inflammation. Have you ever heard of the mud wraps that spa’s do that are guaranteed to help you lose a lot of inches. I have done this twice and it worked both times. Recently I realized well YES, mud is grounding, grounding takes out inflammation AH HA! that is why it worked! Good news, your mat is grounding without the muddy mess and you can use it over and over. Try sleeping with it directly on an area that you are feeling puffy, for example tummy and see if you wake up to a FLATTER TUMMY. 🙂

The mat creates a wonderful sleeping space for emotional and physical well being. I feel nurtured while I sleep great and feel less toxic and puffy when I awake. I no longer have restless legs. I put the mat under my sheets. VibesUP formula is INFRARED so you do not have to have it directly against your skin.

Under children’s sheets
We have been told it helps with nightmares. A protective EMF bubble while they sleep is wonderful for children as their little bodies are even more influenced by the environment than an adults body. The mat creates a wonderful sleeping space for emotional and physical well being. One of my favorite stories was of a little boy who had trouble sleeping and poor grades. Once again a grandma to the rescue bought him a mat and he not only started to sleep better but she sent me updates on his dramatic grade increases. The funny part to this story was the family took a trip to disney world and his suitcase was lost. He was hysterically crying and yelling and they asked him why he was so upset he said  MY FLUBBER!! MY FLUBBER was in that suitcase! Good news he was soon reunited with his Flubber as he called his mat.

Clarity and emf neutralizing, we have even had reports of less lumpy fluid build up on the back of legs. Excellent for children trying to focus or adults in neutralizing the stress and electronic energies at work. Adults find more clarity and creativity in their work as well. Pluggin in our brain started with ‘whats under your butt.’ 🙂 🙂

Homework Focus and Clarity
Again plug in the earth energy and turn on your brain.

EMF Neutralizing
Grounding helps neutralize EMF energies. VibesUP is unique in that it is a two step action just like being right on this earth is. 1 is Electro 2 is Magnetic. Electro is the push which is the earth feeding beneficial energies in and Magnetic is the pull which is pulling the non beneficial energies out. Everything in our universe works on this 2 step process. Even your thoughts going out (electro) what you attract back (magnetic). Its fun now that we are understanding how simple all this is.

Time Out
Beautiful! A time out on mama natures lap, is like emotional therapy, being grounded and centered. Even us adults enjoy a good time out. In conflict try grounding first and you may find the journey to resolution much smoother.  We have a little girl who was terrified of ickie energies in her room until her grandma bought her a VibesUP bear, she had them read the label to her over and over and than pin the label to her wall. She is okay in her room now and treasures this bear. Bless her heart, I was told when her brothers get a time out she lets them hold her bear.

Meditation has now become popular with even corporate executives as it is know to lower stress bring clarity and extend your life. Grounding is an important part of meditation connected to the earth is a natural for mediation. We also have meditation kits available that include mats, earth mask, and pineal nurturing cream and infused meditation palm and 3rd eye crystals.

Is just odd for the body. I was told we are moving quickly across earth meridians in a way that creates an unnatural energy in the body. The ickies. Your mat will keep you grounded and feeling better while you drive. I have reports of it working wonders on lower back pain while driving.

Restless legs
I have had several reports including my own experience with relief in this area. I am not an expert on the subject but my inner knowing says that we could be experiencing a build up of excess toxic energy when this happens.  I of course I am not making any medical claims but All I know is my legs are now peaceful.

Female cramps

Pet mats
OK this area is just FUNNY!

 EMF, Pain, Well being. Animals were also designed to sleep on the earth. I have had MANY reports of animals being very drawn to VibesUP. Dog and Cats wanting to ‘marry’ the teddy bears, Pets seeking out their owners mats and laying on them several times a day as in giving them selves grounding energy treatments with big shifts in the animals health. Dog stealing the VibesUP out of the eye mask. A bird giving daily preenings to the bears. Cats and horses rubbing and rubbing against the VibesUP bracelets their owners wear. Ants however vibrate low and will avoid VibesUP like the plague because it Vibrates high. I suggest putting pieces of the mats or squishy squares or even the left over tips from cutting out your shoe inserts under your pets food and water dishes. Water becomes full of electronic pollution in less than one min and pet food is full of who knows what these days! Plus it helps keep the ants off their food.

Instant comfort both emotional and physical. It was my security blanket see above story. Another friend of mine was going through an emotional trauma and told me her mat activated to super strength for her and got so warm she said it felt like it was an electric blanket. (Nature can read us and knows when we need ALOT of help and will super activate, when energy actives it often feels warmer. The bracelets have been known to do this too.

Colds and Flu
I had an experience of being out in the wind all day and coming home feeling like a whammy of a cold was about to hit. I had to fly out early in the morning to do a talk. I laid on my mat and as I was laying there I had to get up to check why my bed was so warm almost HOT, it felt like someone had spilled warm water in my was the mat activating. It could read that my body needed the extra energy to help combat the oncoming illness.  I remembered the above story of how it activated for my friend with the broken heart. It was doing the same for me with my body. HOW BRILLIANT NATURE IS!!! By the way I was 100% ok by morning and gave my talk with ease.

Electric Vehicles
These are EMF machines, grounding both under your body (sit on it) and between you and the battery would be a good idea.

Imagine doing yoga connected to these powerful earth energies!!! You can set the mat on top of your yoga mat. We are working on making a full size yoga mat. Keep in mind it will be a bit costly but WOW can you imagine what an experience that would be. Than at night you could sleep on it full length of your body and if your really stressed just wrap it around you like a cocoon! heehe! Kidding but hey maybe not! With teen age boys there are times that may have been the perfect escape for me. Go in a cranky caterpiller and emerge a calm butterfly.

Trauma Recovery
Whether physical or emotional, recovery of any kind is even better with earth energies (mama natures lap). My aunt had a rough surgery and both legs swelled up extreme. My mother only had one mat so they wrapped it around one of her legs. By morning the wrapped leg was down to normal while the other remained swollen. How could this be? My mind went back to the studies that have been done on how much grounding reduces inflammation. Again not a medical claim just our families experience.

Extreme Stress Relief
Stress is a very low vibration, feel the instant relief.

Often when we reach for food it is our bodies way of trying to ground or find comfort. When you are grounded your body is calmer and less likely to feel desperate for food, I noticed a difference in this area. I suggest wearing the Divine Soles Earth Energy shoe inserts and a grounding mat for sitting and sleeping. Grounding is also known to help with inflammation. More Convenient than balancing your plate on a food charging coaster The vibration of our food greatly effect the vibration of our bodies when we eat it. Muscle test any food before being on the mat (weak) and after the mat (very strong). 

This is not a overnight weight loss quick-fix. Nature can hold you in the space to make it easier to reach your goals. Consider perhaps that your weight is serving you in someway. Nature will not override what is in your best interest. I find I am learning to love having a curvy body which is the natural form of a woman. Consider that it is okay to be squishy.. I tell my friends that squishy is the new sexy!!! Most of all follow your heart on what body shape feels the most comfortable for you.