Quantum Sound Therapy – OmPocket

The OmPocket is a portable (4 in. by 1.5 in.) scalar energy tool which broadcasts silent vibrational wave formulas, re-training your brain 24/7,  into relaxation, joy and deep creativity, while also clearing your immediate environment of discordant energies (like EMF’s).

Comes in Black or White.

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Product Description

Quantum Sound Therapy – OmPocket

Most brain training programs, courses and games require your exclusive attention. Who has the time for this?
Click here to Watch a short video on the Benefits and How the OmPocket works. Please note the OmPocket appears larger than its actual size (4 in. by 1.5 in.), so you can see it better.

The OmPocket is a portable scalar energy tool that broadcasts silent vibrational wave formulas that train your brain and clear your environment. It creates a functional scalar shield that has the added benefit of clearing the immediate environment and protecting you from incoherent fields generated by emfs, radiation and discordant energy of all varieties.

Meditation programs, or simplistic binaural beat products, try to make it easier for you to focus when meditating… (hint: it takes practice, practice, practice!) The coherent, scalar energy field generated by the OmPocket protects you from emfs and other discordant energies.
The repetition of the sound waves, amplified by the scalar energy technology, optimize brain training while surrounding you in a coherent field as you work, play, relax, meditate or sleep. It is a plug and play, portable scalar energy technology.

Our groundbreaking technology takes the struggle out of your life. Instead of becoming scattered or overwhelmed by repetitive emotional or dysfunctional states, you can automatically retrain your brain to higher resonance and neural coherence. This brain wave Coherence that you experience facilitates your manifestation and law of attraction power.

To discover how the portable scalar energy OmPocket’s 8 daytime and 6 night time frequency tracks can help you:

  • Effortlessly evolve your consciousness into the expanded states of consciousness previously only experienced by monks with decades of experience in long-time daily meditation…
  • As you work, play, relax, meditate and sleep…
  • While also raising the vibration of your environment…
  • With a brilliant, simple, portable plug-and-play, scalar wave solution…

AM Track:

  • Clearing
  • Concentrate & Focus
  • Grounding, Schumann Resonance, Digestion & Peak Performance
  • Heart Opening
  • Gamma Bliss & Pineal Activation (enhance creativity, clarity, intuition, insight & problem solving)
  • Telomeres (anti-aging, rejuvenation & healing track)
  • New Consciousness (raise your vibration without all the work)

PM Track

  • Protection
  • Delta Theta Sleep
  • Magnesium-Sulfur (calming)
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Ocean Waves
  • Emotional Clearing
  • New Consciousness (raise your resonance to a new frequency)

Click here to learn more and download your free OmPocket Handbook and a Brain Training Binaural Beat Audio Track of Relaxation Frequencies.

Email Us or call Jen at 702 998-8783 for any questions and special pricing.

Quantum Sound Therapy – Miracle iQube


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