Divine Earth Energy Eye Mask – Purple

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Divine Earth Energy Eye Mask – Purple

May improve sleep, meditation, eye health, headaches,
and younger healthier eye appearance.

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Product Description

Divine Earth Energy Eye Mask: Delightful! May improve sleep, meditation, eye health, headaches and younger healthier eye appearance.
Its like sleeping in the comfort of mother nature. In addition to the Nature material inside, sleeping in a totally dark enviroment has been shown to help your body naturally produce more melatonin which is know to increase levels of health and happiness. The Nature formula in the Divine Mask can bring you to a deeper more grounded state of relaxation or mediation. We leave an opening at the top so the active material can be removed for washing your mask or using the material for body care.
These are made using the same material as the VibesUP Earth Energy Squishie Squares and Divine Soles. This unique formula of flowers, plants, rocks and trees incased in ampliying liquid crystal and delivered in a earth filled squishie material. It is absolutely amazing what it can help with. Nature KNOWS!!
An Interesting Caution:
Nature tends to like to pull out the toxins and put in the good. We have had reports of it starting to pull out the ink from permanent eye make up. Although nature is just trying to help out, it may not be an item for those who do not want their permanent makeup to fade.
Please note that the mask case should be hand washed and not machine washed.
I am visually  impaired and have been using the Vibes Up products for many months now and I am loving everything and have never felt better! I have been waiting for Kaytlin to come up with something geared towards the eyes and here it is! I have re-named it the “OH! Look at That!!” mask because that is what I say after wearing it  each time! I notice a great improvement in my eyesight, things seem to be clearer and my eyes feel stronger and I notice many more things that at one time could not be seen! The mask is an instant relief from  headaches and is wonderful to wear when meditating, I see a light show every time!!
Thank you Kaytlin for all that you do and please keep working on raising our Vibes and healing my eyes !
Kim H. from Mtl., Que.Canada