Feng Shui Crystals

Feng Shui Crystals

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Make It Happen with Feng Shui: Attract What YOU Want!
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Crystals and gemstones make beautiful jewelry, but did you know they also provide powerful energy to enhance your
well being? In this enlightening class, Author and Feng Shui & Holistic Health Consultant, Jen Leong, will share valuable
tips on ways to easily incorporate crystals into your jewelry, accessories, and adornments around the home to attract
health and harmony into your life. Jen will also show you how to integrate other tools, such as Feng Shui and
aromatherapy, to further enhance your well being and a sense of harmony. 

Discover which crystals to use for the different areas of your life according to the Feng Shui Bagua Map
to attract:

  • Love
  • Prosperity
  • Success
  • Health & Harmony
  • Healthy Family Relationships
  • Fame & Recognition
  • New Opportunities
  • Creative Joy
  • Wisdom & Self-Growth


Jen is also available for on-site or remote residential and business consultations.
Contact us today if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement or consultation!