Healthy Shopping Consultation

Healthy Shopping Consultation & Excursion

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Do you live in the San Diego or North County area?
Wellness By Design is now offering Healthy Shopping Consultations & Excursions at Jimbo’s,
Sprouts, Trader Joe’s or your favorite grocery store. Just bring your grocery list and Jen will help
you make the healthiest choice for you. Don’t live in this area? Phone or video chats are also available.

Say YES to “Good Buys–Hello Health”!

How many times have you stood in front of the aisles at the grocery store, searching for healthy
choices, and felt overwhelmed by the selection, the product claims, and ingredients on the labels?
So many of us want to eat right, but don’t have the time to research and understand what the best
choices are. Often we reach for the brands we know because it’s quick and easy. But it’s often not
the best choice for us.

Many name brand products you normally buy, may be laden with processed ingredients and sugars
that are hidden behind complex names on the ingredient list. Today’s food packaging advertises
health claims, but which health claims should we look for? And are they true? In trying to make
the best decision for ourselves by reading and analyzing labels, we often find confusion instead
of answers.

During your Healthy Shopping Excursion, Jen will visit the store with you and show you how
to read labels, what ingredients to avoid, what products meet your special dietary considerations,
and what choices can help you meet your healthy dietary goals. Jen will arm you with the
information you need to make healthy choices, from protein bars to frozen foods.

Let Jen take the guesswork out for you!
Discover how this shopping excursion can be a beneficial learning experience.

After the consultation, you will:

  • Be able to make educated decisions about which foods are best for you and which ones to avoid.
  • Learn to read labels to know which ingredients to stay away from.
  • Be able to reduce the amount of time you spend shopping at the store.

Jen is also available for “Healthy Kitchen” In-Home Consultations” to help you get started with
a healthy kitchen without hidden sugars, additives and preservatives to live a healthier life.
Contact us to schedule your Healthy Shopping Consultation.


As a college student, I am faced with the challenge of shopping for myself and trying to find the best deals. Before Jen’s Healthy Shopping Consultation, I did not know where to begin. I wanted to make healthy choices and find foods with pure, organic ingredients without all the additives and preservatives. However, I became overwhelmed when reading labels and viewing the countless food items on the shelves. I really benefited and learned so much from my shopping consultation with Jen. I discovered other names for sugars and which protein bars, nut butters, milks and yogurts to choose. Also, being the typical college student that eats frozen dinners, I wanted to know which ones are truly best and healthy for me. I learned how to how to decipher food labels and to know what ingredients I should avoid. The shopping consultation definitely put me on the right track. I learned so much and feel I am on my way to living a healthy lifestyle, making educated decisions. I highly recommend this type of shopping consultation for anyone who is confused about what foods to buy.

Michelle R.
Escondido, CA