Healthy Kitchen Consultation

Healthy Kitchen Consultation

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Do you live in the San Diego or North County area?
Wellness By Design is now offering Healthy Kitchen Consultations. Jen will help you go through your refrigerator and pantry to make sure only healthy foods remain. Don’t live in this area? Phone or video chats are also available.

What’s Hiding in Your Kitchen?

Are you aware that the food in our kitchen, whether in the refrigerator or the pantry, is always ‘talking’ to us and tempting us? Addicting chips and crackers that say “eat me, I’m delicious” …sweets that beckon “mmm, I taste great.” Why do we bring these foods in our environment that sabotage our goals to eat and live a healthier life?

If you find yourself in a losing battle with unhealthy foods, make sure to keep junk food out of your pantry and/or refrigerator. Most of us don’t have the will power to avoid eating ‘junk food’ that is within our view or arm’s reach! So why surround yourself with such temptation? When you go shopping, buy only healthy foods you are willing to eat and stay away from processed foods, such as addicting chips, crackers and sweets. If you don’t have them in the house, you won’t be tempted to give in to cravings, then feel bad about yourself for not having the will power to avoid them.

Not sure of what to keep or what to toss? Let Jen help you get organized with the right foods for you with a Healthy Kitchen Consultation. Jen will go through your pantry and refrigerator with YOU and help you identify the ‘bad ingredients’ in product labels to help you determine which foods are sabotaging your diet or making you unhealthy.

Jen also offers Healthy Shopping Consultations and Excursions to make sure you bring the right healthy foods home for YOU and a healthy kitchen to live a healthier life. Say YES to ‘Good Buys–Hello Health’!

Contact us to schedule your Healthy Kitchen Consultation.