Space Clearing

Space Clearing

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The purpose of the space clearing is to clear any negative energy that has been left over from previous owners/residents, as well as yourself. Everyone goes through “negative” times at one time or another, so
this would be good to do on a regular basis. The benefit of Space Clearing is a more harmonious home
and business environment, thus enhancing your well-being and opportunities to attract what you want.
Space Clearing may involve using sage, sound and intention to clear a space of any negative or stagnant
chi (energy), whether at home or office.

When is it a good time to do Space Clearing?

  • When moving into a new space, whether home or office
  • When there has been an argument or traumatic event
  • When the space feels ‘stagnant’
  • During and after an illness
  • After de-cluttering or ‘spring cleaning’

Contact us today to schedule your Space Clearing session for a more harmonious environment to enhance
your well being and attract new opportunities.

Jen can also teach you how to continue the process for yourself.

Jen also offers Feng Shui hands-on Workshops and her exclusive “Harmony at Home & Fashion Feng Shui®
parties you can host for family and friends.

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Travel fee:
No travel fee for 20 miles or under.
$75/hr. (half the consultation fee) for anywhere more than 20 miles from Rancho Bernardo.